HR&A has assembled a team of uniquely talented individuals who are nationally recognized experts in their fields.


Staff members include public finance professionals, planners, economists, architects, attorneys, and experienced project managers.  Virtually every member of the firm has substantial public or private sector experience in financial and policy analysis, real estate development and planning.  HR&A also specializes in assembling and managing interdisciplinary analytic teams which are needed to address larger and more comprehensive problems. 

What makes HR&A a firm that major clients return to for increasingly complex projects is our team's ability to span several fields, to synthesize highly complex analysis into straight forward findings for senior management, and to manage the diverse expertise needed to implement solutions in today's world.

The Partners

image Mr. Edward K. Hamilton  
image Dr. Francine F. Rabinovitz  

Each staff member understands the diverse, often conflicting needs of investors, institutions, governments and citizens. Our work helps clients implement practical, innovative solutions to complex financial, policy, and market challenges.


HR&A, Inc.