Among its wide range of services, HR&A provides housing policy and implementation consulting services to the courts and the legal community, public agencies, private developers and not-for-profit organizations.


Housing policy and analysis

These housing-related services include:

The following are summaries of recent and ongoing experience that illustrate HR&A’s substantial qualifications in housing policy and analysis. 

Affordable Housing Policy

More recently, HR&A prepared a complete revision to the City’s inclusionary housing program to include a menu of options developers of market rate multi-family housing could use to meet the need for affordable housing associated with their projects.  The options include a fee per square foot of new development.  HR&A also prepared a “nexus” study to support the in-lieu fee component of the new program.  In 1999 and again in 2004, HR&A recalculated the in-lieu fee to account for changed market circumstances, and recommended other changes to the fee program for the city’s consideration.

Analysis of Metropolitan Housing Markets and Rent RegulationSystems

Since 1984, HR&A has been developing special knowledge to analyze and assess metropolitan area housing markets and alternative systems of rent regulation.  The firm's expertise in these areas is considerable with respect to the Los Angeles area, but its experience is also informed by related work in other parts of the U.S.  Among recent HR&A assignments which demonstrate this are:

In 2000, HR&A prepared related analyses of seven City housing programs to determine whether they operate as “constraints,” as part of the City’s 2000-2005 Housing Element Update.  The analysis was accepted by HCD as meeting the requirements of State law and that Housing Element was also certified.

In 1988, HR&A was engaged to perform a second review which updated and supple­mented its original work.  This second study was again used as the basis for City Council review and updating of the Ordinance.  In 1993, HR&A was retained by the City to perform a third and even more comprehensive analysis of its rent stabilization ordinance in the context of the behavior of the entire metropolitan housing market.  The final report of that effort was published in December 1995.

Project-Specific Housing Policy, Analysis and Transaction Experience

Other examples of the firm's extensive national track record of service in the areas of housing policy, including direct transaction experience, are:

Analysis of Development Fees Imposed on Private Homebuilders

HR&A is frequently called upon by public and private clients to prepare or critique "nexus" studies now required under Calif. Government Code Section 66000, et. seq., the Calif. Education Code, the U. S. Supreme Court's decisions in Nollan v. California Coastal Commission and Dolan v. City of Tigard, and various California Supreme Court and Appellate Court decisions.  Among the firm's recent assignments of this type are the following:

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