The firm offers a complete range of analytic and expert services to attorneys, courts, corporate and public agency law departments, insurers and others who need work products and presentations.


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Ten Questions to Conjure With:

  1. In the Dalkon Shield litigation, where did the Federal District Court get the estimate of the value of 320,000 unresolved claims that it accepted, and the Circuit Court affirmed, enabling A.H. Robins to emerge from bankruptcy?
  2. When Halliburton Corporation recently announced the estimated value of its asbestos liability as against its insurance coverage, a move which the Wall Street Journal credited with triggering a large upsurge in its stock price, where did this authoritative estimate come from?
  3. In the Agent Orange litigation, who did the alternative venue surveys and jury research which, as reported by the New York Post, led the lead defendant to agree to a settlement that has since been acclaimed as one of the wisest financial decisions in mass tort history?
  4. In the silicone implant litigation, who were the chief analysts and estimators for the lead parent corporation of the bankrupt defendant, helping to shape all aspects of the settlement and reorganization plan?
  5. Who first suggested - in 1982 - the concept of a common claim facility to deal with the flood of mass tort claims at the lowest possible overhead cost, which has since become the standard response to this kind of challenge?
  6. Who served as the California Superior Court's Referee in the single land use case involving more than one-quarter of all the parcels in the City of Los Angeles?
  7. Who was Chief Consultant to the Governor's Advisory Commission on Liability Insurance that rewrote New York State tort and insurance law?
  8. Who served as the Special Monitors of the California Superior Court for the Los Angeles school desegregation case, the case involving the largest school district ever subjected to a general Court Order on desegregation?
  9. Who did the analytic work and headed the negotiating team for the Federal Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation in the largest corporate bankruptcy it had faced as a guarantor?
  10. Who developed the industry standard tools for tracking and improving insurance professionals' skills in valuing and negotiating bodily injury claims?

The answer to all ten questions, and many more like them, is HR&A. Over 25 years of continuous involvement in law and insurance-related consulting of many varieties, HR&A has emerged as one of a handful of firms most looked to by seasoned litigating and negotiating counsel, courts, insurance executives and public officials for analytics of the quality necessary to withstand the most intense scrutiny, whether on or off the witness stand.

The firm offers a complete range of analytic and expert services to attorneys, courts, corporate and public agency law departments, insurers and others who need work products and presentations which meet this exacting standard. The firm and its individual Partners have been qualified by courts as experts in a wide variety of fields, and have worked at one time or another with most of the law firms in the AmLaw 100, as well as many smaller firms. While its Law and Insurance-Related Practice is very diverse, HR&A specializes in complex cases requiring multi-disciplinary and multi-functional support. The following are the firm's nine core service areas:

These summary descriptions of the firm's core service areas suggest the breadth and depth of the Practice. The following pages provide more detailed descriptions of the examples provided in the course of compiling the firm's extensive track record in each core area.

The overall business of HR&A is to provide its clients with policy planning, management and financial advice that is as authoritative as experienced judgment and analytic expertise can make it.

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