HR&A — The Ability to Deliver


Accomplishing the Mission: HR&A takes on assignments to meet our clients' needs, including those that are not readily apparent. Our commitment is to getting the job done right, not simply to executing a given scope of services. We respond to changing needs, circumstances and priorities.

Creativity: HR&A takes on tough assignments that set the benchmark for accomplishment. Our thinking is extended to what can and should be - unbounded by what is or has been done. We are often the recipients of assignments from clients after other, more traditional approaches have fallen short.

A Broad Reach: HR&A views clients' problems holistically, including their strategic, financial and tactical ramifications. We are as adept with complex financial analysis and transactions as we are with complex political and organizational dynamics. Our approach integrates multiple disciplines into a coherent approach to clients' needs.

A Proven Track Record: For over 25 years, HR&A has provided consulting services to a distinguished array of private, public and not-for-profit clients. The firm and its senior leadership have the depth of experience to anticipate problems, the confidence to speak clearly, and the ability to respond rapidly.

The firm delivers tailored results to a select group of projects and clients rather than the application of a prescribed methodology to any given development or financial problem.

HR&A, Inc.